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Oct. 31st, 2010

Just like any other day, James is walking home from work.

Unlike any other day, however, he happens to come across the one person he's been avoiding for weeks. He halts in his tracks, considering going the long way back to his bungalow to avoid a confrontation--a confrontation he promised Juliet he would avoid at all costs.

But dammit, Sawyer wasn't going to let this promise inconvenience him...and maybe he would be able to keep his tempter. Either way, Linus stood between his quickest path home.


Sep. 25th, 2010

Sawyer is always stubborn about everything to begin with, refusing to listen to anyone but himself. He knows best, after all.

But when he's sick? It's a thousand times worse.

Juliet had chastised him every waking moment about taking better care of himself with whatever this was going around; that he should be drinking more water and less beer, that he should try to sleep eight hours instead of playing cards with Miles until two in the morning and waking up at six. And maybe he should have taken some of the preventative medicine she shoved into his hand one afternoon on her way to the infirmary.

Of course, he had done none of the things she suggested. And now, he lays on the living room sofa bundled under three blankets yet still freezing. An untouched glass of water sits on the coffee table. He sniffles and shivers, cursing in a strained voice. If only he wasn't so congested, he could get some sleep...

Enough's enough.

Ever since Miles and Ana hooked up after the wedding, James and Juliet have had a lot of restless nights. They can barely sleep for two hours before they're awoken by the awful animal sounds coming from next door. And he swears, each night is worse than the one before. Don't those two ever get tired?

Grunting from exhaustion, he turns over and covers his head with his pillow, hoping to drown out Ana Lucia's screaming. The pillow might as well not be there, for it does nothing. In fact, nothing helps: closing the windows, turning on a fan to drown out the noise, playing music in the bedroom...nothing. Nothing at all.

Son of a bitch! I've had it, Blondie!


He looks at the space next to him, finding that Juliet is actually sleeping. How the Hell can she sleep through this racket?


Making Amends.

It's been a good few days since Sawyer's confrontation with Miles. He figured it was more than enough time for his friend to cool down; hopefully he wasn't still pissed about their last chat. Sawyer was trying to push it as far from his mind as possible.

Night has already fallen, and Sawyer's sporting a six-pack of beer as an apology gift as he knocks on Miles' door. He hopes Miles will answer.
Sawyer stomps back home, not paying attention to anybody he passes on the way there. He's got pictures in his head of Juliet and Miles that he can't shake. They make him feel sick; his stomach is in a disgusting knot that wants to remove itself from his body.

As he flings open the front door, he can't keep back the roar that rises up.

Juliet! Get out here!

A meeting.

The sun is setting as Sawyer leans up against the side of the old schoolhouse. The evening's brought a gentle breeze along with it, making the humidity seem not as bad.

He's only been there about five or ten minutes, but he's already growing impatient. Where the hell was he?

Considering just how busy work had been lately, James would consider today a fairly slow day. There's still an hour left before the end of the shift and there's actually nothing left to do. Paperwork is up to date, the fence and all cameras are working properly, and orders have been made for the next drop, which was to be expected in about a week. Everything is wrapped up nicely, and he could easily go home.

Instead, he sits at his desk, watching Miles, who is hard at work at his desk, doing who know what. There's nothing that actually needs doing, so James can only assume he's just trying to look busy. Which means something must be up. This wasn't his first clue. Juliet had been in a mood ever since she had paid that visit to Miles' the other night. Miles himself had been staying busy, keeping away from James as best he could. James also wasn't blind enough to not pick up on the fact that Ana and Miles had been avoiding each other as well. Something was definately up. He just didn't know what.

He swings his chair around, continuing to watch Miles. No way was he going to be the only one left out of the loop here. Might as well figure things out while no one else was around.

You busy?

Jul. 20th, 2010

Once again it is past dinner time and James is still working at the station. It seems like it's all he does anymore. He works, goes home, collapses on the bed, then wakes up again in the morning for more work. He does it because he knows he has to. Somehow, after coming back to this stupid rock, he had acquired the responsibility of taking care of these people. He didn't regret it. In fact, he still held pride in it. But it wasn't the same as it used to be. Once upon a time, running this joint had been a breeze. He had been the boss, but he had also had a boss, and his team had been much larger than it was now. Now it seemed like it was all on him: assigning houses, assigning jobs, keeping everything stocked, keeping everyone safe. It was a huge responsibility, and lately he couldn't help but notice that he had been avoiding it.

Sure, he had been busy keeping things in order. Busier now than ever before. But he knew he was neglecting his people, and he felt guilty. So many new people had arrived and he had yet to greet half of them. Charlotte, Kate, Eko...even Jin! Jin, who had been one of his good friends for over three years, and he hadn't even stopped by to say 'Hello.' He had avoided Ben's party like the plague, not wanting to have to attend to any duties whilst there. From what Juliet had told him, he hadn't missed too much, and for that he was grateful. The way most parties turned out around here, that one had been decent.

He reaches up, pinching at his eyes. It didn't help that ever since the island had turned the thermostat up to 'boiling' he had started getting these terrible headaches. He sighs, dropping his hand down and looking at the stacks of papers on his desk. There are multiple forms that need to be filled out, data that needs to be logged, to do lists that needed to be made. He knows he can put it off until tomorrow. Knows he should put it off until tomorrow, but a part of him just can't help it. He puts pen back to paper and begins to write. It won't kill him, and it needs to get done eventually.

Jun. 1st, 2010

James makes his way through the barracks towards his house. Miles is walking alongside him, and the two of them are talking about various events from the past few days. He's carrying a plate of burgers in his hand, something the two of them had cooked up before heading home, while Miles carries a six pack. It doesn't take them long to reach their houses, and soon enough James is entering through the front door, Miles right behind him.

And you're sure it was her?

The sun shone brightly through the windows as James made his way back into the guest room at Miles' house. It wasn't too early, the sun had been up for a few hours now, but somehow he had managed to wake before Juliet had, and he had taken the opportunity to make her breakfast.

He shuffled into the room quietly, gently closing the door behind him, and set the tray of food down on the bedside table next to her. He went around to the other side of the bed, ignoring the bunnies who were snuffling quietly in the corner in their temporary metal cage. He slipped into bed, scooting close to Juliet, but making sure not to disturb her. He lifts his hand, running his fingers gently across the curve of her face.

He could have lost her last night. Again. So many times this island had tried to take her from him. It had only succeeded once, but thanks to those flashes, that memory, those feelings, were on his mind again. The last flash had brought a sense of finality with it, a sense of comfort and ease had followed the last thing he remembered, just before he woke up. A calm. That he didn't need to worry anymore, because she was here, and she wasn't going anywhere. After last night though, the calm had been replaced with worry. He just didn't trust this place.

He sighes softly, stretching out next to Juliet, enjoying the warmth of her body next to his. With hishead propped up on one hand, he watches her, waiting patiently for her to wake.

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